• A member is required to abide by the OHS Act and Regulations and SABS codes of practice and standards and to follow sound engineering practice in carrying out refrigeration and air conditioning installations maintenance and repairs.
  • A company working in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration must have the infrastructure and facilities to carry out installations to qualify for membership. The ownership of and the correct use of a vacuum pump and a refrigerant recovery unit for the safe handling of refrigerants is a legal obligation in terms of the OHS Act and Montreal and Kyoto Protocols and is a strict requirement of SARACCA membership.
  • The applying company must have been in business for at least two years.
  • An applying company must provide their latest audited annual financial statements.
  • To apply for membership please send an email to on a company letterhead and giving the details of your company. A reply with all the application details and form will be sent to you.
  • An entrance fee of R2000.00 excluding VAT will be required on confirmation of your membership. Members are then required to pay a monthly levy calculated at 0.08% of sales turnover.
  • Note: SARACCA has a full time administrative staff at its offices in Cambridge Place, Bedfordview, who are able to assist members with any queries, arrange meetings or communicate with other industry bodies in resolving contracting and compliance issues.


  1.  Advice on health and safety matters

  2.  A copy of the model SARACCA Health & Safety Manual

  3.  A starter pack for new small members incorporating the MBSA Small Builders Manual

  4.  Contractual advice at the end of a telephone

  5.  The promotion of fair tender and contract conditions

  6.  Standard SARACCA terms, conditions and clarification clauses for tenders

  7.  There is regular interaction on industry matters with fellow members at quarterly Branch meetings

  8.  Skills training courses aimed specifically at industry needs are subsidised to 50 % of the training fee at recognised training providers

  9.  SARACCA is your pathway to the “Authorised Refrigeration Gas Practitioner” registration as competent persons in terms of the Pressure Equipment Regulations incorporated into the OHS Act No 83 of 1993

  10.  SARACCA subsidises the cost of renewal of Authorised Refrigeration Gas Practitioner registration by 50% of the fee charged by SAQCC GAS. This is claimed by means of a refund after the renewal has been processed and complete

  11.  Members are kept abreast of changes in statutory regulations and Standards and codes and how they affect you

  12.  Access to the latest ASHRAE technical manuals available through the SARACCA office



  • SARACCA through its Director is involved in the administration of SAQCC Gas for Authorised Refrigeration Gas Practitioner registration and Certificate of Conformity monitoring all in terms of the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER).

  • SARACCA provides a  subsidy to members for the training of site staff in duct erection, refrigeration, air conditioning, project management via short courses that follow SAQA approved Unit Standards.

  • SARACCA supports the experiential training of engineers from university with a grant to the member who engages a student for the practical experience.

  • SARACCA is a member of the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa, which gives members access to Industrial Relations Services such as advice on labour matters, dispute resolution and employment conditions

  • Membership of the Metal Engineering Industries Bargaining Council is available through SEIFSA

  • Through SARACCA’s  affiliation with the Master Builders of South Africa keeps SARACCA in touch with the building industry through the Master Builders Associations.

  • SARACCA is represented at the SABS to provide input on the review and revision of SANS standards such as SANS 10147 on refrigeration, SANS 10173 for installation, testing and balancing of air conditioning duct work and SANS 1238 for the manufacture of duct work.  All of these have an impact on our industry and it should be noted that SANS 10147 is now referred to in the OSH Act and Pressure Equipment Regulations which has major implications regarding responsibility and obligations on refrigeration installations, maintenance and repairs

  • The SARACCA office is able, through its Executive Director who has over 40 years’ experience in air conditioning contracting, give advice and information on tendering, contracting and documentation matters.

  • The Association through its membership of the Specialist Engineering Contractors Committee and affiliation with Master Builders South Africa has representation on the Joint Building Contracts Committee Technical Committee and Board. The Associations’ representative is able to debate contractual matters affecting the air conditioning sub-contractors in the building construction contract environment.  The Association is also able to propose, advise and recommend remedy for unfavourable contractual conditions which may be proposed from time to time.

  • SARACCA publishes and circulates to members regular updates on the Contract Price Adjustment Provisions (CPAP) and SEIFSA indices which enable members to monitor the movement of these indices and weightings for Work Groups specific to our Industry

For further enquiries, please contact