Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of SARACCA.

The Association has looked after the interests of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation contractors and Duct Manufacturers for fifty years and is recognised as the voice of our industry by the employers, contractors’ organisations and professionals in the construction industry.

A company wishing to apply for membership needs to be a contracting or sheet metal duct manufacturing entity whose primary business is in air conditioning and ventilation and/or refrigeration. The applying company must disclose their intent and motivation for applying for membership and have been in business for at least two years. An applying company must provide their latest audited annual financial statements.

To apply for membership please send an email to on a company letterhead and giving the details of your company. A reply with all the application details and form will be sent to you.

An entrance fee of R2000.00 excluding VAT will be required on confirmation of your membership. Members are then required to pay a monthly levy calculated at 0.08% of sales turnover.

A company working in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration must have the infrastructure and facilities to carry out installations to qualify for membership. The ownership of and the correct use of a vacuum pump and a refrigerant recovery unit for the safe handling of refrigerants is a legal obligation in terms of the OHS Act and Montreal and Kyoto Protocols and is a strict requirement of SARACCA membership.

The employment of registered mechanics and installers as “Authorised Refrigeration Gas Practitioners” with SAQCC GAS in terms of the Pressure Equipment Regulations is a fundamental requirement of membership.

A member is required to abide by the OHS Act and Regulations and SABS codes of practice and standards and to follow sound engineering practice in carrying out refrigeration and air conditioning installations maintenance and repairs.

SARACCA has a full time administrative staff at its offices in Cambridge Place, Bedfordview, who are able to assist members with any queries, arrange meetings or communicate with other industry bodies in resolving contracting and compliance issues.