Commercial spaces likely to see new requirements for HVAC

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Commercial spaces likely to see new requirements for HVAC

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COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. The home office became the new workspace, video conferencing replaced in-person meetings, events shifted to virtual delivery, and parents became homeschool teachers while trying to balance career demands.

It’s safe to say that the majority of people are looking forward to a time when they can return to work and feel a sense of normalcy again. One of the most important elements of this being possible in the near future is the ability for businesses to create a safe and sanitary work environment while adhering to CDC guidelines. The sooner this can be accomplished, the sooner commercial spaces can begin to reopen.

Some of the most important considerations are how to effectively filtrate, circulate and sanitize the air in shared and common spaces to reduce the spread of viruses. What options exist to improve air filtration and sanitization in shared office, retail, or industrial work spaces? And what new requirements might we expect commercial spaces will need to adhere to in order to ensure a safe work environment for their employees?

To lend some expertise on this topic, Omni Realty Group turned to John Gunning, who is the senior mechanical engineer at McClure Company in Harrisburg. He is responsible for the design of building mechanical systems for the commercial, educational and industrial markets. He is a licensed professional engineer and a LEED Green Associate. As McClure’s in-house expert on the subject of ventilation and dehumidification, John is frequently asked to speak at both technical and non-technical seminars regarding these subjects.

We asked John a series of questions related to how office, retail, and industrial spaces may need to adjust the functionality of their air filtration and sanitization in light of… read more

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