We nearly lost that account!

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We nearly lost that account!

On April 29, 2019, Posted by , In SARACCA News Blog, With No Comments

An Air Conditioning Contractor in Port Elizabeth nearly lost a contract due to their Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technicians not being registered with SAQCC Gas. Clients are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the need to only use SAQCC Gas registered and authorised practitioners.

The contractor asked if there was any way that SAQCC Gas could speed up the registration process. Luckily, because the individuals had already completed their training through a SARACCA recognised Training Provider, we were able to help, says John Parry, SAQCC Gas Director.

The South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractor’s Association (SARACCA) frequently inspects and accesses Training Providers to ensure the accurate standards are met in a satisfactory manner. The need for peace of mind when issuing the Practitioners’ cards is paramount, Parry adds.

Because of the increase in awareness and information, more and more Refrigerant and Air Conditioning contractors are getting caught out in a similar manner. It would be far easier for clients, contractors and the SAQCC Gas if practitioners kept their cards valid!

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