DEA & SARACCA driving Practitioner Registrations

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DEA & SARACCA driving Practitioner Registrations

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The Department of Environmental Affairs in collaboration with SAQCC Gas will host a series of national road shows in June, August and October. The two main objectives behind these roadshows are; to highlight the need for gas practitioners to be registered with SAQCC Gas and to inform the industry of the phase out of HCFC’s.

SARACCA and SAQCC Gas were hosted by the DEA at the Capricorn TVET College, with the intent to drive awareness for both Associations and offer valuable insights into the HVAC industry. Barney Richardson, Director of SARACCA gave a series of knowledge based presentations, breaking down the history and technical DNA of the HVAC Industry. Throughout the presentation it was heart-warming to see the levels of integration from the college students and the willingness to learn more. South Africa has an inherent lack of skilled workers within the gas industry, and it is up to students such as these, to carry the torch forward.

A Changing landscape

Legislation and technology is driving this industry forward into new territory, and in order to ensure that the best standards of practice are maintained, SAQCC Gas will be focusing on ground level activations in order to drive the message of compliance requirements and registration.

Too often we are faced with non-compliant installations and practitioners who are not registered with SAQCC Gas. Like other industries, such as electrical, practitioners need to be adeptly skilled in order to ensure maximum safety practice.

It is estimated that there are over 10 000 unregistered Practitioners working within the gas industry.

The DEA along with the DOL have reached out to ensure that our message of compliance gives SAQCC Gas the muscle to drive registrations and to weed out non-registered practitioners.

Why drive compliance

Gas is an inherently safe medium. However gas installations can be deadly under a non-registered practitioner. Practicing as a registered skilled or semi-skilled personal, affords the opportunity of a knowledge based foundation that will hugely reduce the possibility of deadline incidents. Working with gas is a skill, not a right. Those who are not qualified do not have the right to work on any form of installation, whether it is an air-conditioning installation or a gas pipe repair.

To find out more on who should be registered click HERE

Putting training into TVET’s

SAQCC Gas and SARACCA would like to thank both the DEA and DOL for allowing our participation in the pilot study at the Capricorn TVET College. SAQCC Gas through its four affiliated gas associations (SARACCA, SAGA, SACGA and LPGSASA) offers ongoing qualification training to members and those who wish to enter the respective industries. To find out more visit the SAQCC Gas website .

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